Colleges in the United States would like to know their applicants beyond grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities. They would like a glimpse of the applicant’s personality and character rather than just skills and accomplishments.  The purpose of the college application essay is to tell a story about the student. 

The personal essay form requires a level of self-reflection and audience awareness that can be incredibly challenging, especially to a high-school student unused to this sort of writing.  For international students, the essay additionally demands some knowledge about the cultural specifics of the American university environment. Stylistic writing conventions are often specific to the institution and the process–for example, if you’re applying to UC Berkeley, your essay should be quite different from the essay you’re writing for Texas A&M.  Applicants who do not have deep roots in this educational system understandably find the essay process very opaque.

Consulting with me on your essays will ensure that the tone of your application and the way you represent yourself both match the institutions to which you’ve applied. I will gently guide you through the process of understanding what universities are looking for, and help you brainstorm for ideas, and work with you through as many drafts as it takes to create a truly special essay. Please note that I do not write (any part of) the essay for the applicants, under any circumstances. We work together to polish your idea and perfect your writing.

My students have been accepted to the Ivies, the University of California, other public universities (including College of William and Mary, Purdue, UIUC, UNC Chapel Hill and more), and private institutions such as Amherst College, Babson College, Georgetown, Mount Holyoke, Pomona, Rice, RPI, Scripps, USC, Vassar, Washington U. in St. Louis, and many others.

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