Please visit my writing services website The Compelling Story  for more details on what you can expect if you work with me. Here are a couple of testimonials from my past clients.

“Niranjana is incisive, intelligent, and gracious in her critiques. She’s well-read in many genres, and so I trust her deeply with my work. When she read my novel manuscript, my short stories, and my essays, her critiques were careful and specific; she saw clearly the errors I was making. She understood what I was trying to do, and her comments helped me get closer to it. She loves good prose and cares about craft on sentence level as well as at the level of plot and pacing. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone.”

Liz Harmer,  author of The Amateurs,  published by Random House/Knopf Canada as part of the Knopf New Face of Fiction program in 2018.

“I had a wonderful experience working with Niranjana on the draft manuscript of my debut novel. A high quality novel editor requires multiple attributes to truly add value to an author’s MS. These include:

  • Being well-read, with a rich and varied range of reading tastes
  • Command over the language—grammar, vocabulary and form  
  • Mastery over the craft of novel writing—the nuances of theme, plot, narrative, voice, characterization, scene and world building  
  • The ability to catch the author’s wavelength, understand the intent behind why an author has chosen a particular direction for his / her story  
  • The objectivity to provide critical input, while at the same time suppressing one’s own inclination to push the story along in a particular way

Niranjana possesses all of these qualities in ample measure. She is super professional and her involvement played a major role in shaping my novel into its final form. In summary, I would strongly recommend Niranjana to anyone who wishes not just to improve their draft MS, but wishes to learn and master the craft of novel writing along the way. I certainly did. “

Sriram Subramanian, author of Rain-A Survivor’s Tale,  published by Readomania, July 2016.