A new Phantom

The Ghost Who Walks is now a…girl. Julie Walker dons the purple suit (with major alterations) for a stand-alone comic titled Race Against Death.

The Phantom, a girl? Die-hard fans, hold your horses, for it was Lee Falk himself who created the character. In this issue, Julie is the sister of Kit Walker, and she takes on the role of The Phantom when Kit is injured. And from the reviews  I’ve read, this spin-off is well thought out, pays homage to The Phantom’s  original premise, and is respectful of the story till now.  As a child, I was devoted to The Purple One (thank you, The  Illustrated Weekly of India),  and I’m truly relieved the spirit of the series hasn’t been tampered with. Best, the new comic apparently doesn’t wimp out just because Julie is , y’know, bootilicious; this Phantom too has, as the old jungle saying goes, ” the strength of ten tigers.”

The comic was released in Jan., but I heard about it only now via Colleen’s blog. A detailed review of this issue can be found here (link via Colleen).