Multicultural kidlit goodness

One of my better parenting duties is choosing books for my three-year-old, but it’s often hard to locate  multicultural books which, in the words of Ig Nobel, “make you laugh and then make you think.” (Note the order!)  Enter Saffron Tree, a site featuring all sorts of multicultural books for kids. Their festival  Crocus, running from Oct 23rd to 30th, has games and themed book reviews and other cool stuff.  The site is based in India, but they review books from Everywhere.

Paper Tigers is another fantastic resource for those of us trying to avoid Disney in our homes. A website that “embraces multicultural books from or about anywhere in the world”, Paper Tigers is focusing on India for the months of October and November, with author interviews, reviews, essays,  and links galore.  Have you ever wondered why there are so few humorous multicultural books? Here’s what Uma Krishnaswami has to say in her thoughtful essay “Returning to Essential Questions“.

“Gifted writers Cynthia and Greg Leitich Smith posed [the above] question at the Reading the World conference in San Francisco in 2004. They presented compelling evidence to support their position. Moreover, they forced me to look at my own work, to think about what I had loved to read as a child and to ask myself why I wasn’t writing that kind of book. Had I come to a point in my writing life where I was in danger of being too earnest? Of taking myself too seriously? Why was I even writing in the first place? Where was the joy?

It was time to return to those essential questions.”

Link via Crazy Quilts

I meant to post both these links earlier, but as always, life gets in the way of blogging.