Because you can never have too much Calvin and Hobbes

From A.V. Club: “… Rafael Casal used Watterson’s work as the basis for Hobbes & Me, a web series in which classic Calvin strips are acted out, word for word…..With tousled hair and a striped T-shirt, Casal himself plays Calvin. Rapper-actor Daveed Diggs, now renowned for originating the roles of Lafayette and Jefferson in Hamilton, portrays Hobbes, donning striped pants and a fuzzy coat to resemble a toy tiger come to life.”

This. THIS.


Calvin and Hobbes–and Bacon

Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes strip stopped running (almost to the day) seventeen years ago, leaving behind a giant Calvin-and-Hobbes hole in the universe.

BUT. has done four of these strips, and though they aren’t officially endorsed by Watterson, I think he’d approve.

Go to Pants Are Overrated for the other two strips. And if you find a way to send these guys money, let me know.

Have a happy holiday season, y’all.