About Niranjana Iyer


I am a writer based in California Hamilton, Ontario.  My publications appear

In Canada:

In Herizons Magazine, rabble.ca, Montreal Serai, and This Magazine

In the USA:

In Bookslut,  The Missouri Review, World Literature Today, The Smithsonian Magazine, Eclectica, The Christian Science Monitor, and several others.  One of my essays is part of a Penguin anthology of readings widely used as a college text.


In The Asian Review of Books (Hong Kong)

I work with the editors of The Barcelona Review to evaluate fiction submissions to the magazine. In addition, I curate the Women Doing Literary Things essay series, which also runs as a weekly feature on She Writes.  Women Doing Literary Things is a weekly blog series where women write about their involvement in the literary world. The project features essays by novelists, poets, editors, librarians, journalists, academics, booksellers and more, on the topic of being a woman in the literary arts. Select essays are also cross-posted on the global feminist site  Gender Across Borders.

Education and Work Experience

I hold an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, India, and a Liberal Arts degree from Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA. After spending several years in the corporate world, I now write full-time. I lived in India, the United States, and Britain before moving to Canada a few years ago.


Here’s an interview on Open Book: Toronto if you’d like to know more about me.

Finally: my name Niranjana means “free from falsehood” in Sanskrit.  My friends call me Niru or Nina. Iyer is pronounced Eye-er.