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Writing: I write book reviews and other bookish-themed pieces, as well as essays and opinion pieces. My work has appeared in literary magazines such as The Rumpus, The Millions, and The Missouri Review, as well as in mainstream magazines and journals such as The Smithsonian Magazine and Hello Giggles.  I am a regular contributor to Book Riot, the largest independent editorial book site in North America.

Writing consultancy:  I focus on two types of writing in my consulting work. First, I help students craft memorable, authentic essays for their college applications. My students have been accepted to the Ivies, the University of California, other public universities (including College of William and Mary, Purdue, UIUC, UNC Chapel Hill and more), and other private institutions such as Amherst College, Babson College, Georgetown, Mount Holyoke, Northeastern, Pomona, Rice, RPI, Scripps, USC, Vassar, Washington U. in St. Louis, and many others. 

Second, I work as a writing coach and manuscript editor with new writers who seek to understand the process and requirements for creating powerful stories, for both fiction and non-fiction.

If you are interested either in working with me on your college admissions essays or in having your work edited, please head over to my writing services website The Compelling Story, at thecompellingstory.com

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