Library booksale haul

The local library had a book sale on Sunday, and I spent a happy half hour browsing through seven tables of books. So much more satisfying than receiving a delivery by drone. I picked up these 6 titles.


I’d read  The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, the Le Guin and the Nancy Drew before, and thought it might be nice to own a copy of each. And I didn’t remember a word from The Sign of the Twisted Candles, which I  last picked up almost three decades ago. It was apparently first published in 1933, but I had little context when I read the series as  a child, and thought they took place in 1970s America. Ha.


The cover on the left is the 1933 original; look at Nancy’s puff sleeves and her hat. The cover on the right is from the 1968 edition and continues to this day.

I’m going to start with The Floating Girl by Sujata Massey, featuring the half Japanese, half American Rei Shimura–I enjoyed her escapades in Zen Attitudes very much. And I’ve always struck out with de Lint, but perhaps Wolf Moon will prove the exception?  I’ve only read The Flanders Panel by Perez-Reverte, which I remember as good but not great, but I picked this one because of its killer first sentence: “The telephone rang, and she knew she was going to die.” Ahhh. Can’t wait for the weekend.

11 thoughts on “Library booksale haul

  1. I love library book sales. I recently went to one and it happened to be the last hour of the sale on the last day, so you could load up a box for $10. Although, inevitably I spend way too much and way too much time. But I can justify it in that I’m supporting my library, right?

  2. The 1933 Nancy Drew cover is beautiful. I’ve read many Nancy Drew mysteries as a kid. Might have read this one too…can’t remember. I liked them better than the Hardy Boys as well.

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