Au revoir, Canada!

After almost a decade in Canada, it’s time for us to move, and we’re now headed to California.  I’m taking a blogging break, and will resume once I get my head around the fact that I no longer own any winter coats.

In other news, I recently read Jhumpa Lahiri’s new novel The Lowland,  and will post a detailed review shortly, but meanwhile here’s a two word summary. Competence porn. And just in case you live outside the bubble where everyone has read the excerpt in the New Yorker:

[Update: Much as I’d like to take credit, I didn’t coin the term competence porn. Think it first appeared back in 2009, here:]

16 thoughts on “Au revoir, Canada!

  1. Ooh, I read read the New Yorker piece, but didn’t realize it was an excerpt of a new novel! That kind of makes sense though, it seems like it would be better as a novel. I’m curious what you mean by competence porn.

    • Competence porn is about the pleasure you get from watching experts do something they are extremely good at. Like Sherlock Holmes on a case, or a surgeon performing complex surgery. In in this case, it’s Lahiri writing about the complicated inner lives of Bengali immigrants in New England 🙂

  2. Good luck with your move to California, I hope that it’s all that you could wish for. We hope to be moving soon too, when we get our house sold – but nowhere exciting, just another patch of Scotland, closer to the west.

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