16 thoughts on “I’d like some e-marginalia, please.

    • I’ll have a more nuanced reaction once the novelty’s worn off, but now, I have to stay that the best thing is the elimination of the wait time when you HAVE to read a book or your life’ll implode.

  1. haha congrats! I really enjoy my e-reader and I love that the Kobo is just an e-reader with very few other bells and whistles… but there are still certain books I’d like to own in print thank you very much. I just move so moch and that’s what made me get into it otherwise I do love the smell of books! there’s nothing like it!
    Enjoy you’re e-reader :@)

  2. I usually enjoy the documents I find in used books, but not the stains. I can’t recalled ever reading any notes written in books that actually added anything to the reading experience (sort of like someone talking loudly on a cell phone in a public place.)

    For better or worse, e-readers have no history.

    • I’ll admit that the stains don’t add to the reading experience. I guess that image just hit a nerve when it comes to the physicality of books as (beautiful) material objects–that is something I miss with an e-reader.

  3. I hope you enjoy it. They are good for reading old and out of print books which would have had very small print, but I’m still buying books too. I once found a contraceptive in a library book, unused thankfully!

  4. Congrats on the acquisition. I tend to think they can co-exist quite well with paper books – which always seem to take over for me anyway! What type did you get, might I ask?

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