Tales of the Unexpected

I’d been waiting for the postman’s knock all this week, and he finally delivered. Behold this SET OF ROALD DAHL STAMPS  from Royal Mail.

(All images from The Guardian)

The presentation pack has ten of these scrumdiddlyumptious stamps, a tearaway bookmark (the bit with the giraffe), and trivia about the Dahl-Blake collaboration on the reverse.

There’s special love for the BFG, who scores four stamps perched on a separate little card, because it’s his 30th birthday, see.

There’s a charming history to my acquisition of these stamps. When I first heard of them, I tweeted my rapacious LONGING for these beauties, and lo! the twitterverse replied. Out of the blue, El Bee (whom I’ve never met but is indubitably Miss Honey under a different handle) offered to send them to me. I accepted with indecent haste, and I couldn’t have been more delighted if I’d won a Golden Ticket.  I’m also very tickled by the serendipitous irony of social media procuring me STAMPS.

Thank you so much, dear El Bee! May your life be filled with an endless supply of glumptious globgobblers; may your enemies all choke on exploding candy.

(Needless to say, my boy has his eye on these stamps, but I’m going solo.)


14 responses to “Tales of the Unexpected

  1. Nice, glad you got what you wanted.

  2. That’s great! What a beautiful collectable :@)
    The irony of receiving snail mail stamps through a tweet hehe
    Enjoy them!

  3. Beautiful stamps! Thanks for sharing.

    If not for Matilda, I don’t know how I would have made it out of childhood!

  4. Beautiful! I love Quentin Blake’s pictures.

  5. Ah I love these! I tried to order some a few weeks ago, but I gave up when I couldn’t figure out the Canadian shipping!

  6. That is so great, they’re beautiful! I just love the online world for being so generous 🙂

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