She Writes Blogger Ball

This weekend marks the She Writes blogger meet-and-greet, and this post is by way of saying hello. I’m a freelance writer, and my work has appeared in everything from The Smithsonian Magazine to Bookslut to The Missouri Review to My forthcoming pieces include an article on feminist YA literature (no, WSJ, not all YA is filled with “depravity”) for a Canadian magazine.   I also curate Women Doing Literary Things, an essay series featuring bookish women writing on the topic of gender and literature. I now host WDLT as a weekly feature on She Writes as well.

This blog features book reviews and commentary on literary happenings. My primarily interest is fiction (with an emphasis on feminism and race-related issues), but I read almost Everything. Kind folk would call my blog eclectic; most would say it lacks focus. Please wander around and leave your comments!

Welcome to the SheWrites Blogger Ball!Click on the bookshelf to check out the other participants in the ball.


14 thoughts on “She Writes Blogger Ball

  1. Hello Nina,

    We’ve “met” already, but I didn’t realize that when I hopped on here from SheWrites. This seems as good an opportunity as any to say I haven’t forgotten I was going to write something for you, but I’ve been rather overtaken by events the past few months. bear with me?

    All the best,

    • Thank you, Nana, and I must return the compliment (with interest) to you! Your blog has educated me not just about African literature, but about literature in general..

  2. Hi Nina. I found you via She Writes. Love your blog and WDLT. I’m interested to hear about your upcoming piece on YA. The WSJ article certainly stirred up many opinions!

  3. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comments; I’m delighted to have discovered your blogs, and I’ll be stopping by frequently. Hurray for She Writes!

  4. Hi Niranjana, I’m over here from Bloggers’ Ball. I love your blog name! I like to chew on issues of global culture and certainly feminist-flavored novels, so I’ll be back for another visit! Cheers, Catherine

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