The Lasting Enchantment: Mary Stewart’s novels. And a giveaway!

Update: This giveaway is now CLOSED.

I’ve blogged at length about my fascination with romantic suspense pioneer Mary Stewart, whose books feature keen-eyed heroines, sophisticated plots, impressive scholarship (yes, still talking romantic suspense here), and addictive prose. I’ve hitherto found her work in libraries and used-book stores, and so I was delighted to learn that Hodder UK  has now reissued Stewart’s novels, with lovely new covers.  Look at these!

If, like me, you’ve been trying hard to convince yourself that those sepia stains on the library copy were Nothing But Tea,  you can finally get the book new. And perhaps even free! Hodder UK is offering two of this blog’s readers any Stewart novel of their choice.  Just leave a comment on this post about which Stewart you want and why, and the kind folks at Hodder will mail out the requested books to two winning comments. So, Madams, Will You Talk?

If you’ve never read Stewart, here are two of my faves for you to check out.

The Ivy Tree: “An English June in the Roman Wall countryside; the ruin of a beautiful old house standing cheek-by-jowl with the solid, sunlit prosperity of the manor farm – a lovely place, and a rich inheritance for one of the two remaining Winslow heirs. There had been a third, but Annabel Winslow had died four years ago – so when a young woman calling herself Annabel Winslow comes ‘home’ to Whitescar, Con Winslow and his half-sister Lisa must find out whether she really is who she says she is.”

Touch Not the Cat: “After the tragic death of her father, Bryony Ashley returns from abroad to find that his estate is to become the responsibility of her cousin Emory. Ashley Court with its load of debt is no longer her worry. But there is something odd about her father’s sudden death…
Bryony has inherited the Ashley ‘Sight’ and so has one of the Ashleys. Since childhood the two have communicated through thought patterns, though Bryony has no idea of his identity. Now she is determined to find him. But danger as well as romance wait for her in the old moated house, with its tragic memories.”

A full list of the Stewart novels issued by Hodder is available here  (and yes, the Merlin series is included in the giveaway).  So, please do enter! Also, I cannot resist reproducing below a lovely message by Stewart from the Hodder site; no wonder she inspires such fondness  amongst her readers.

“I am well into my nineties now, and I am afraid I have almost forgotten how to write. But if a few vague memories will do, here they are. My first novel was called MURDER FOR CHARITY, and was sent off hopefully to publishers who now prefer to forget that they turned it down. But they were probably right, and their comments did me a power of good. I cut off the last third of the story, re-wrote it, re-named it MADAM, WILL YOU TALK? And sent it to Hodder and Stoughton. Some half century later I am still with my dear Hodder and Stoughton, and can only add that I love the new cover style, and I hope that it will attract a new generation to read my books. MS

The small print
1.This giveaway is restricted to the US, Canada, Europe and the UK, as per Hodder and Stoughton’s specifications.
2. Please leave your comment before June 30; winners will be announced shortly after.
3. If you want to enter for more than one book, please leave a separate comment for each choice.
4. This is my first giveaway of this sort, and is driven solely by my passion for Stewart’s books and my desire to spread the good stuff around. For any legalese, please contact Hodder UK.

Update: The winners are

1. Clair @Answer Girl Net, who picked Nine Coaches Waiting

2. Kate @Kate’s Bookcase, who picked The Moonspinners

3. Rhonda, who picked The Ivy Tree.

50 thoughts on “The Lasting Enchantment: Mary Stewart’s novels. And a giveaway!

  1. I too love Mary Stewart! Between the local library in the town where I grew up and my Grandmother’s bookshelf, I have read every book that she wrote, though I own only a few of them. I’m going to enter requesting a copy of The Gabriel Hounds since that is one that Grandma owned and I haven’t read it since she died and her house was sold.

  2. And I’m also going to enter requesting a copy of The Moonspinners. That book (along with My Brother Michael) inspired my sister and me to want to travel to Greece and Crete together – the trip still hasn’t happened but maybe some day…

  3. … If, like me, you’ve been trying hard to convince yourself that those sepia stains on the library copy were Nothing But Tea…

    I have often wondered about those mysterious marks in library books as well. Very funny observation!

    (I’m not interested in the contest).

  4. Oh no! I just finally finished acquiring the *entire* Mary Stewart collection: I found Nine Coaches Waiting and Stormy Petrel in a second hand bookstore in Edinburgh and that completed the lot.

    I will look out for these in stores because several of my books are falling apart. (I’m not eligible, because I’ll be back in India by the time they decide who to give the books to).

  5. You know what? I’ve just realised I don’t have Rose Cottage. 😦 I wish I was still going to be in the UK! I am now gutted.

    (And I’m also, sneakily wondering how/if I can go an meet the lady herself. I mean, I even have her book of poems, for heaven’s sake!)

  6. I’m Kates Sister and she put me onto this. I want to request Moonspinners as well. It was the first Mary Stewart book I read, and put me onto this wonderful writer. It also inspired me to travel to Greece and further abroad. Like her, I still have not been to Greece, but hopefully one day soon 🙂

  7. I’d love to read “Wind from the Small Isles”, but I don’t think it’s available in this reprint. Failing that, “Thornyhold”, because the premise sounds really interesting, and I love books set during that period.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

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  9. I would love a copy of The Ivy Tree. I’ve been looking for it since I read Josephine Tey’s Brat Farrar and you told me that Mary Stewart had based her book on it. I’ve tried the few second-hand bookshops which are still going around here – so it’s this or internet buying!

  10. Mary Stewart’s message was absolutely wonderful! And I have no doubt the first (unnamed) publisher rues their rejection of her first book.

    I had to pop in to mention that some of Mary Stewart’s romantic suspense novels are back in print in the United States and are being published with Chicago Review Press–Nine Coaches Waiting carries a foreword by Sandra Brown, and Thornyhold‘s foreword is from Meg Cabot.

    (Full disclosure: I work for the publisher)

  11. @ Kate: You’re entered (twice!)
    @ alittleteteatete: great; she’s the queen of such books!
    @ Rhonda: done!
    @ Batty: I always reference Seinfeld’s bathroom book episode at these times.
    @Space Bar: if you have still a mailing address in the UK, that would work!

  12. @ Laura: You’re entered!
    @ Ela: Done! I like Thornyhold, though I found the mystery and romance both more low-key than in her others.
    @ Katrina: Done! I do like The Ivy Tree–and yes, better than Brat Farrar!
    @ Kamini: Let me know if you’d like to be entered for the giveaway!
    @ Mary: Thank you for letting us know about these beautiful editions! I love the black and white covers with the dramatic hint of color.

  13. It’s lovely that Mary Stewart can see her books being reissued, and warmly received. I have bought a couple that I found discounted, and not The ivy Tree is top of my wishlist.

  14. Sorry, bad typing and a double click. WordPress generally tells me “you’ve already said that” on such occasions, but not today it seems.

  15. I’ve never read Mary Stewart and I would love a copy of the Ivy Tree. Actually, I’d never even heard of Mary Stewart until just now. I grew up on Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers and wonder how I missed her. I’m intrigued by your posts on Stewart and would love to explore the series.

    – Radhika

  16. I am a big fan of Mary Stewart having read most of her books- wouldnt mind reading any of them again though. My favorites are the crystal cave and the hollow hill.
    Dont know why she is not that popular with today’s teenagers.

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  18. A friend of mine recommended The Moon-Spinners and I would love to give it a try. I can’t wait to try a Mary Stewart book.

  19. It’s wonderful that these books are being reissued, and I LOVE the covers! ROSE COTTAGE and THORNYHOLD are on my “keeper” shelf. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to win THE MOONSPINNERS. I remember how much I loved Haley Mills in movie from the 60’s, but I certainly don’t remember it now. I would be great to read the book!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com

  20. I’m going to enter for a second chance as well and hope to win TOUCH NOT THE CAT. Just can’t pass up the opportunity to experience Stewart’s first book.

    Thanks again!

    geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com

  21. I love so many of her books, and though I started reading them some 20 years ago, I just recently began a collection of my own. The new covers are wonderful. My library no longer carries Madam, Will You Talk? I would love to receive that so I can re-read it.

  22. OK, there is one more that I can’t find in my library system, My Brother Michael. I don’t comment on blogs much – so I don’t know if I need to include my email address or if that goes to you auotmatically, as it’s required to leave a comment. Anyway, I remember enjoying that book, and I, too, like the sunny yellow cover!

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  24. I love how you introduce me to new authors, Niranjana!

    If I win, I’d love to get a copy of The Moonspinners. Because the setting is a holiday in Crete and that does sound like a lovely summer read to be enjoyed on the back porch with some fresh lemonade. Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  25. I read an old paperback copy of NINE COACHES WAITING to literal tatters when I was about 13; I would love to have another copy, and see if it holds up. God bless Miss Stewart!

  26. I’d love to win a copy of The Crystal Cave. I remember lugging a copy of it to and from school, which didn’t do my shoulder muscles any good, but it was worth it.

  27. *Please* may I try for a copy of “Airs Above the Ground”, i’ve loved it since I first read it aged about 12, and I’m a lot older now. Without launching a spoiler, if you haven’t read it, it’s a wonderful mystery story based round a travelling circus & a scruffy old horse, who is not what he appears to be.

  28. If I am lucky, I would love to have Airs above the Ground because :-
    1, I’m mad about anything connected with horses and
    2, I’ve never read anything by Mary Stewart, so feel this would be a good place to start!

  29. Thank you so much for this offer. I love Airs Above the Ground but I have a copy. The book I’d like is The Moonspinners. I’ve seen the film with Hayley Mills but never read the book.

  30. I love them all (except perhaps Touch Not the Cat, one of my least favourites, and Gabriel hounds (i couldn’t really get that cousin thing)). Am amazed no one has mentioned This Rough Magic but it just makes me think of sparkling blue water, dolphins, much quotation of Shakespeare, as well as a feisty heroine, nasty bad guy and handsome hero all set on the magical isle of Corfu.

  31. I would like to request Mary’s first book, Madam Will You Talk, as I have only come to know her books through the Lipizzaner connection in Airs Above The Ground, and I would like to start at the beginning with these lovely new editions. Thank you UK!

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  33. I choose the ‘Ivy Tree’ as i love looking at ones family history and it is a particular genre that i am very interested in. I would love to win a book for Christmas, especially by an aspiring autor whom i admire so much !! xxxxx

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