11 thoughts on “Why I don’t have a Kindle

  1. Come on… if she had a kindle, she would be on the bare floor and the little device would a flat pillow for her head. A stunning picture all the same 🙂

    • The story deals with a bookshop haunted by the ghosts of authors. The Kindle equivalent, I think, would be a virus?
      Kidding aside, I agree they can (and should) co-exisit.

  2. Interesting – the Italian title translates as “The Bookshop of New Beginnings”.
    I am mostly pro paper book, although our family does have an e-reader (the Sony one) that was gifted to my daughter. I find that hugely useful while traveling – no toting around a bunch of books, and I have a large assortment of books at my disposal.
    Imagine the awful day when bookshelves have one lone e-reader forlornly occupying all that space! And worse still, the day when (inevitably) something goes wrong and all those digital words vanish into thin air….

  3. Kamini: Yes, I think books have a material beauty about them that I value immensely. Nothing decorates a room like the multicolored spines of a book collection pieced together over the years!

  4. A true book lover just love the smell of books that no Kindle can provide.I have more than thousand books.I love arranging and making covers for them.They are a part of my life.

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