Librarians and the literary world

A great post by librarian Edith Campbell is up today at the Women Doing Literary Things site. An excerpt:

“On a societal level, we hear about librarians as a dying profession because with Yahoo and Nooks, well, who needs librarians?

Would this supposition exist if librarians were 82% male rather than 82% female? If the profession were male-dominated, would it be easier to realize the continual evolution to meet the needs of information seekers? Would we be more easily recognized as culture keepers who have a significant role in the book industry if we were not imagined to be old ladies who will shush you? I think if more school librarians were males, they would automatically be seen as tech savvy leaders who can and should make a difference in education.”

Read the post at the WDLT site.

4 thoughts on “Librarians and the literary world

  1. Campbell makes a fair point there – I loved our school library, but I was a bookish child who loved to read. I don’t remember any of our teachers (in ordinary classes) encouraging us to use our library – and this was back in the late 80s, before the advent of school-wide computers.

  2. With Bookstores closing, The two borders in my town are going out of business, libraries will gain more significance.
    You can’t erase from people the need to smell a book holding it in their own hands.
    And only when the book stores close did I know that the people I liked there most wre the ones who acted more like librarians than sales people 🙂

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