India Today apologizes–but not to me.

Here’s the email I just sent to India Today.

Hello, India Today Group Corporate Communication People,

Your unmitigated gall in posting an explanation for your plagiarism of the Slate story ON MY BLOG [comment #8 on the previous post] , while ignoring your plagiarism from this VERY BLOG leaves me amazed.  So Grady Hendrix deserves an apology because he’s from Slate, and I don’t because I’m an independent blogger? You couldn’t have demonstrated your stunning lack of principles better than with this incident. I never received a reply, let alone an apology, to my complaint made eighteen months ago, though you were quick to disable comments on the article on your site. And yet, you’ve reacted remarkably fast to the outcry about the Slate article.

Do the right thing and have your deputy editor apologize already. And no, you can’t blame jet-lag for this one.



I sent this email to India Today at to their Corporate Communication Office.

And here’s the text of the apology that appeared earlier on my blog.

India Today Group Corporate Communication, on October 14, 2010 at 6:51 am Said:

There was an unfortunate incident with the Letter from the Editor in the southern edition of India Today’s last issue.
This was a mistake. We are printing an apology for it in the southern edition.
Here is a preview for your information.

“Jet lag is clearly injurious to the health of journalism. I was in America, and still a bit bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived when we took an unusual decision: to split the cover. This is jargon for changing the cover for some editions; so while the content of the magazine remained the same worldwide, the cover that went to our readers in south India had displayed the phenomenal Rajinikanth, while our other readers saw Omar Abdullah on the cover. This meant writing two versions of ‘Letter from the Editor’. Not being an acknowledged expert on the delightful southern superstar, I asked Delhi for some inputs. Unfortunately, a couple of sentences lifted from another article were sent to me. An excuse is not an explanation. So, without any reservations, mea culpa. Apologies.”


13 thoughts on “India Today apologizes–but not to me.

  1. WOW!!! All I can say is WOW!!!! (imagine me with my eyes pretty much rolling out of their sockets right now)

    Good on you for writing that e-mail!

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  3. You should also update both Aroon’s and India Today’s wikipedia pages with these the incidents under controversies section.

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