Please sign this petition protesting the ban of Mistry’s book

So happy to see concerned citizens are speaking out against the University of Mumbai dropping Rohinton Mistry’s Such a Long Journey from their syllabus due to pressure from a right wing group. I received a message from a Mumbai University student asking me to publicize an online petition protesting the ban of Misty’s work, and am glad to oblige. Here is an excerpt from the petition; the link  to sign the petition is here, and also provided below the text.

“To:  Governor of Maharashtra (Chancellor of the University of Mumbai)


If you strongly feel that voices of dissent need to emerge against the shrinking democratic spaces within the university and the city of Mumbai in general, then please lend your support by endorsing the statement and signing the letter, and replying to the person who has sent you the email so that signatures can be collated.

Please feel free to forward this to friends and colleagues who will be interested, and get back to me when you get signatures from them, latest by Wednesday the 13th of October, 2010.


The full text of the petition is here. Please go here to sign this online petition.  I’m also posting the link on my Facebook account. Please tweet,  share this link on FB or any other platform of your choice if you are so inclined.

Thank you.


9 thoughts on “Please sign this petition protesting the ban of Mistry’s book

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  2. This man Rohinton Mistry is a Hindu-hating and a India-hating Canadian [deleted]. But he has every right to say what he wants and the Sena has no right to enforce any kinds of bans. Down with Shiv Sena.

    • I appreciate your support of the freedom of speech, and you are of course welcome to criticize Mistry’s writing, but please, no calling anyone names here. I’m hence deleting the epithet you used, but keeping the rest of the comment intact.

      • Precisly the point the Sena goons are making my dear. People like you are willing to tolerate Mistry’s foul language in describing others especially the great Dabbawalas who perform yeoman service to the citizens of Mumbai but unwilling to tolerate others using the same to describe Mistry or his ilk. This is the kind of hypocrisy that evokes nothing but contempt and disdain from most decent citizens towards their ‘intellectuals’ And by the way, how many from this odious crowd have come to the defence of Taslima Nasreen who has been so shamelessly booted out of India by a craven Congress dispensation.

        • You obviously have lots of issues with lots of people, and my blog is not the forum to air them. Also, I said before that I don’t allow name calling on my blog, but you persist with the personal attacks. An alternate forum where this sort of language and approach is encouraged may suit you better.

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