Ban PopcORN, Mr. Scroggins!

Most of the bookblogging community knows by now that Wesley Scroggins, a professor in Missouri, tried to ban Laurie Halse Andersen’s YA novel Speak claiming that it was porn.  FYI: Speak deals with a teenage girl’s rape, and her subsequent inability to speak out about this issue; Scroggins essentially wants to censor a work on the dangers of (self-)censorship.

I have read Speak, and there isn’t a single sentence that could remotely be considered prurient. Obviously, Wesley Scroggins needs to redirect his attention to something that truly has a pornographic element. How about PopcORN? Look at the word–it contains porn (and it almost has core). Popcorn is  often consumed (and sometimes even shared) in dark movie halls, and we all know that such environments are hotbeds of sexual activity. PopcORN’s expansion when in contact with heat is an obvious sexual allusion. And don’t forget, butter often lubricates the popcorn’s passage down our throats. Worst, popcorn comes in suggestive shapes that can resemble a woman’s ovaries.  To think this “snack” is marketed at families… Mr. Scroggins, do your duty now. Ban PopcORN  and save the Western Hemisphere.


Here is Andersen’s latest post on the subject.

And here is a list of Speak giveaways in the virtual world.

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