The Globe, and Mail

Thank you, kind providers of free goods! I  received the Replogle Globe I’d requested from CSN Stores.  Here is my review.

First, the good stuff:

1. No assembly required. I am orgasmic that the product was ready to go without an Allen key on standby.

2. The globe can be titled on the vertical plane, so I can actually move it about to get a closer look at a particular location.  Smart thinking, Replogle man!

3. It’s a good size, large enough that I don’t have to squint to read the countries’ names.  I do have to peer at the cities, but I understand the maker’s constraints. It’s hard to squeeze Liechtenstein into an area the size of a baby’s fingernail.

4.  It’s child friendly enough that my three-year-old son loves it. Specifically, he loves carrying it about and placing it on different uneven, pointed surfaces, testing rotational speeds, and licking it to determine the taste of those candy-colored countries. The product has withstood brat-handing well, and has proven water-proof.

5.  And of course, I’m secretly prepping him for his SATs when I ask him to find the purple places on the round thing.

6. And it’s a globe!  There’s something magical about having the world condensed into a six-hued ball (so pretty!) for your delectation.

7. Great customer service. I received an email when it was mailed out, and regular email updates about tracking  numbers.  And the product arrived really fast, considering it went through customs and all.

But 😦

The globe came padded on the top and bottom with a cardboard sleeve, but the sides  were in contact with the carton that constituted the sole packaging (no bubble wrap for my popping pleasure).  The inevitable happened when it was mailed–one side was squished in.  The dent is not huge enough to return the product, I guess, but my pleasure is a bit diminished.  The globe comes with raised relief features (I love running my fingers over the mosquito-bite  Alps), but I now have a trench in the Pacific that’s not the Mariana.

The squiggly line cutting through the Hawaiian Islands is the squished part.

The globe is actually fairly hard to mangle–the material is firm and resists pressure. I’m thinking someone in the mailroom kicked it? Anyway, I’m busy figuring how to suck the dent out.  I’m currently inclining towards (unused) bathroom plunger. Any ideas yawl?


7 thoughts on “The Globe, and Mail

  1. I think those globes are glued together at the equator, a clever tinkerer could probably slice it apart, push out the dent from the inside, and then glue it back together. The rest of us mortals would probably end up with two decorative bowls. 😉

  2. @ Stephen: Er-is that you, Batty?
    Yes, I’m not clever or tinkerer enough; I’d have two unstable salad bowls.

    @ Amy: I’m dealing with it by turning the dent to the wall. Fortunately, it’s not a part of the world I look up very often.

  3. I’d just keep that part turned to the wall. I would have not only two salad bowls but something else completely unrecognizable left over.
    It’s nice to know that the guys at the post office behave the same wherever they are, in fact it must be global!
    I’ve still got a similar globe somewhere in the house but half of the countries have probably changed names by now.

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