A different sort of review

When CSN stores contacted me to ask if I’d do a product review, I, um, googled  CSN+scam.  Yes, I have a nasty suspicious mind. But what do you know–there is sometimes a free lunch. As I’ve learnt since,  CSN is a (very) legit business selling everything from luggage to lasagna pans. Actually, they are akin to amazon.com, but sans books (hint, hint).

I’m a minimalist home-maker with a horror of accumulating anything but books, and so I spent a long time scrolling through wine racks and mandolines and lamps wondering if I really needed any of it. And then I found something that fit perfectly with the ethos of this blog and the shape  of my personal greed.

Isn’t is rather nice? I’ve always wanted a globe but somehow never got around to buying one.  CSN is going to send me the product sometime soon, and if it matches  the description, I’m going to be mighty thrilled.  Full disclosure: love it or hate it, it’s mine to keep.


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