The foothills of Mount TBR

Here’s some of the fiction I plan to read over the next couple of months.


The shelf happens to summarize my literary interests pretty handily. There’s South Asian/post-colonial writing–Sarif, Malladi, Danticat , Thapa, Ali  etc.  Lots of Canadians–Friedman, Gowdy, Manguel and more.  Some American heavy-hitters, including Ford and Russo. Many women writers.  The Heart is a Lonely Hunter has been on my list for over a decade.  

My reviewing assignments aren’t included in this collection. Also not included: my TBR non-fiction, crime, fantasy, sci-fi, YA and kid-lit books.

Yes, I have a reading disorder, but I’m in the fine company of fellow mountaineers Rose and Batty.


8 thoughts on “The foothills of Mount TBR

  1. @ Al: Thank you. Very much.

    @ Rahul: I believe “a couple” refers to any number larger than one 🙂 Some of these books have languished unread in my possession for over a year–this post will hopefully get me going.

    @ Batty: Maybe we should blog about each book we knock off from our respective TBR shelves, so we’re forewarned if there’s a dud? Life is too short etc. etc.

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