Bookninja’s George Murray on “Building a Better Blog”

I attended a talk by George Murray on blogging on Sunday evening, at Ottawa’s Library and Archives Canada. If anyone who was at the session is reading this post–this blogger is the young South Asian woman in the red turtleneck from the third row.

George Murray is the founder of, a literary blog I visit regularly–not so much for the news as for Murray’s crusty take on all things literary. How can one not love a blogger whose commentary on Jenna Bush’s proposed novel goes:

I cannot possibly get my finger far enough down my throat for this one. I need to puke legacy bile for this one. I need to puke a meal that a paramecium ancestor of mine digested a billion years back to truly do this utter bullshit justice. This is truly a sign of end times.

Thank you, George. 

I re-confirmed I’d made the right decision to spend 5 dollars on a ticket when Murray mentioned that The Guardian was the best newspaper in the world. Yes, it is; read it for yourself and see.

Murray went on to talk about blogging in general, stating that personality of the writer and content are the two forces that make a blog. In other words, say your stuff well and update that blog everyday. It’s not exactly ground-breaking advice, but hearing it from a  successful blogger who is a poet married to a feminist scholar has the sort of chastening effect an email from my mom can never achieve… I’ve now resolved to be more regular about updating this blog.

The talk was part of Ottawa’s literary festival, about which I’d blogged earlier. More about George Murray can be found at his site 


4 thoughts on “Bookninja’s George Murray on “Building a Better Blog”

  1. I find the every day thing challenging, but I agree, it is the right way to do it. Ok, your post has inspired me too – my poor Tatvam blog has been languishing…

  2. Niranjana, thank you so much for sharing some of George Murray’s thoughts on blogging. I would find it a huge challenge to update my blog everyday. I probably do a new post once every week and even that can be challenging at times! Still, yes, a frequently updated blog is a healthy blog I suppose…I look forward to more posts from you!

  3. Shripriya: Look forward to that! I’ll start checking Tatvam everyday now 🙂

    Lotus: Think Murray is reading in Toronto today — you might be able to catch him! And yes, I agree that daily updates are a challenge, but Murray was quite positive that they are key to blogging successfully.
    I’m wondering how long my resolution to update frequently will last!

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