Ottawa’s literary festival

While Ottawa, Canada isn’t exactly a hot spot for literary events, we do have our own International Writers Festival every spring and fall.  This year’s festival runs from April 15th to 22nd; details may be found here

After seeing the programme however, I’m wondering why it’s called an “International” writers festival when the focus seems quite determinedly Canadian. The first day, for instance, features Canadian columnists, Canadian poets and a Canadian blogger…

I’m not complaining, though–there’s an interesting line-up of writers, and I plan to attend several events including a talk on blogging by George Murray (founder of the devilish good litblog There’s also a discussion on the writing life that includes Barbara Gowdy amongst the panel members. I really hope it stops snowing by the 15th!


3 thoughts on “Ottawa’s literary festival

  1. Where have I been? I didn’t know about this festival, thanks for the heads up! I would love to drive to Ottawa and take in some of the events, but I am also planning to go to “Kriti” at the end of the month…so I’m not sure,but I am going to try.

    Are you planning on coming to the Kriti Festival? Here’s a link to the site, just in case:

  2. Lotus: The Ottawa festival is quite a low-key event– not surprised you haven’t heard of it! But I like to think the small scale leads to a nice intimacy about it all…
    It would be super if you could come to Ottawa! I’m unfortunately not going to be able to make it to Kriti–I have other committments in Ottawa at that time. I did check it online, and it seems really promising. Have a great trip to Chicago!

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