Lakshmi and ReganBooks

The Quill and Quire blog notes their office this week received a catalogue from ReganBooks–the infamous imprint of Harper Collins that had arranged a book and movie deal with O.J.Simpson about the murder of his wife and her friend last year. The catalogue arrived inspite of ReganBooks’s recent closure (following public outrage at the deal).  The list of forthcoming books apparently includes How to Star in Your Own XXX Movie, amongst others. The blogger confesses:

“If Quillblog were Jon Stewart, this would be the part where we say nothing and look sadly at the camera for a beat or two.

The most unexpected part of the incident for me is that the catalogue has a picture of the Indian goddess Lakshmi on the cover. 


Besides waggling my head sadly at yet another instance of cultural appropriation, I have to say: it seems singularly ironic that the goddess of wealth should feature on the catalogue of a now-defunct imprint.   


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