Which Author Shares your Birthday?

More and more, celebrating birthdays seems the preserve and prerogative of the very young.  And astrology–bah, humbug. But why deny my time-waster’s instincts? I love stuff like this. The significance of Ayn Rand and James Joyce sharing a birthday with my ex-boss (a.k.a Rakshasi from Mordor) is the sort of thing out of which someone clever will make a board game–and lots of money.  

Today is  Samuel Pepys’s birthday. And W.E.B. Du Bois’s. Here’s a link where you can look up the birthdays of authors.


I especially like this Finnish site because a) the word for author’s calendar in Finnish is the delicious Kirjailijakalenteri and b) the main page features a library song. I’m a huge fan of libraries, which, as Germaine Greer said, “are places where you can lose your innocence without losing your virginity.” She’s also said many other nice things about libraries in her article, which you can read here.

All together now: It’s the latest, it’s the greatest, it’s the libra-reee.


2 thoughts on “Which Author Shares your Birthday?

  1. Well… the only author who shares my birthday is an author whom I never knew existed: Ciro Alegria. Now I know! (I expected to find a whole host of notable writers born on Nov. 4 — after all, many artists are Scorpios — but, alas, twas not to be…)

    BTW, Niranjana, Chasing the Monsoon just came in from inter-library loan. Sacred Games, unfortunately, did not — all the nearby libraries said it was too new. But I’ll let you know how I enjoyed the Frater when I’m done with it.

  2. Blue: Chasing the Monsoon might be a bit dated–it was published in ’89, if I remember right, and India has changed quite a bit since. Hope it works for you.
    A Wikipedia search informs me Nov. 4 is the birthday of Puff Daddy aka P.Diddy aka Sean Combs. And Laura Bush. And the Indian actress Tabu. Interesting…

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